World’s first!
A balloon twisting and DIY balloon projects, which comes with a dedicated app includes dozens of fun video tutorials teaching users to twist, play and create with different type of balloons

What’s in the kit?

With over 22 years of experience of balloon twisting , we sat down to design this kit and ended up with this.

Special marker for balloons

not every marker is suitable for drawing on balloons and so we picked a special marker pen so you can draw and decorate  you creations

Please note: the marker is a permanent marker


Colorful round and eye stickers

We’ve added colorful round and eye stickers since we found that playing with balloons gets your imagination going and the fun-time flowing, so here are some more fun tools for you

An activation code

The real secret and perhaps the biggest magic the kit offers is a card with 3 codes to unlock your specific balloon course

Also, at your request, we recently added an option to view ALL Balloon video tutorials on a PC or smart TV via our website. Just click the “Balloon twisting courses” button, enter your code and that’s it, you’re good to go


A quality pump

The pump included in the kit is a quality two-way pump, meaning it inflates the balloons when pulling the handle and also when pushing it.

This makes it easier to inflate the balloons


Long shape balloons

Shape balloons go by many names in Israel – animal balloons, long balloons, modeling balloons and even sausage balloons.

We prefer to call it Shape Balloons because all it takes is a little bit of imagination and you can turn any balloons into virtually anything.

Our shape balloons are manufactured in Europe and are of the highest quality, allowing for a much more fun experience


Balloon Animals, Big, small, round and clear balloons

In addition to classic balloon animals, we’ve added round 10” balloons, 5” round balloons and since kids simply love them, we’ve also added some clear balloons to use in our DIY projects and magic

Unboxing BalloonPlay Kit

We took  our balloon kit, opened it up and took a couple of pictures of what’s inside, so you can see all the good stuff that’s coming your way, with hours and hours of fun time modeling and twisting balloons with your friends and family

What’s in the Store?

 you can purchase our balloon kits,

balloons, pumps, cutters

and more to give you a perfect

balloon fun experience

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